This activity is a trap I wanna making contest hosted by HeYan, a TikTok anchor with millions of followers. The awards are provided by HeYan and those can be as much as 1000RMB(about 155 USD).

HeYan is willing to play your work! Come participate in it!


How to Participate

QQ Discussion Group: 943724511(Click here to join in)
If you have difficulty using QQ, you can also keep in touch with us by discord or e-mail.
Click here to join the Discord channel.

Every one interested in this activity can join in the group.
Everything about the HeYan Cup such as discussion, Q&A, and the result announcement will be done in this group. Please join in the group if you want to participate in this activity.

How to Submit your Game

There is no entry threshold for this event. Whether you are a well-known maker or a newbie, you can submit your I wanna game to us.

To submit your game, contact晚安QQ9200804(click here to contact)
You can also send your game to e-mail:

Expiry Date:October 7, 2021. Please make sure to submit your game before the expiry date.

Scoring Rules

After the expiry date, HeYan will collect everyone's game and play them in the TikTok live broadcast room.

The scores of all games are given by Heyan. The fairness is not guaranteed.

There are no detailed scoring rules. Ratings are only based on gaming experience, from the prospective of an ordinary player.


For those want to participate, please read the following things carefully.

An independent I wanna game is required: You need to submit a package including the .EXE file. i.e.I wanna maker map is not a valid form to submit.

The game submitted should be undisclosed before the expiry date, and large-scale spoilers are forbidden.

The main elements in the game should be trap. Other elements (such as gimmick) can be added appropriately.

Difficulty should be controlled below 45: If the game is too hard, Heyan may get stuck.

Copy is strictly prohibited.

This activity has made a cooperation with YoYoGames. Thus, you need to put an icon of YoYoGames on the top right cornor of your game. Please set the size of icon to 211px*87px(11% of the download picture), and make sure it is visible in every screen of your game, thank you! (Click here to download)

Any other questions? Ask in the discussion group.


Main awards

The first place(1 place): 1000RMB(about 155USD) or 850RMB(about 131USD) + permanent license of any version GMS2.

The Second place(2 places): 500RMB(about 77USD) or 350RMB(about 54USD) + permanent license of any version GMS2.

The third place(3 places) : 300RMB(about 46USD) or 150RMB(about 23USD) + permanent license of any version GMS2.

Other award

Best Trap Award: 50RMB(about 7USD).

Best Amusement Award: 50RMB(about 7USD).

Note: Three GMS2 licenses are prepared for this event.
GMS2 will be distributed according to the ranking if more than three GMS2 is needed.


I wanna HeYan go crazy
A nice trap game made by one of the fans of HeYan. You can download it in the discussion group files section

I wanna bigger penis

I wanna have a good Wifi
A trap game made fanyone, a famous trap game maker in Chinese community.

I wanna delete the huge bug
An adventure game with lots of traps.


  • 2021.08.13: HeYan Cup Website has been set up.
  • 2021.09.14: super101(静坐幽篁奏清欢) submitted: I wanna stop the necromancer
  • 2021.09.16:wymcaT submitted: I wanna summon komeiji koishi
  • 2021.10.6:Neos submitted: I wanna Avoid being Trolled
  • 2021.10.6:Mkey submitted: I Wanna Heyan Trapventure
  • 2021.10.7:higer67 submitted:i wanna buy a watermelon
  • 2021.10.7:fanyone submitted:Spikes Flying Game
  • 2021.10.7:Fardnrose submitted:simpletrap2
  • 2021.10.7:PP submitted:I wanna be the orbit trap 2
  • 2021.10.7:泰格达人 提交:I wanna diverse traps


YoYoGames: Offer tools for making I wanna game. Offer Awards(GMS2) for this activity.

HeYan: Offer Awards(Money) for this activity(3000RMB, about 462USD).

Fanyone: Offer instructions for this activity.